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These are some of the events where Janina has appeared over the last few years:

Darkfest II, London:
Saturday November 24th, 2018

Janina was a special guest at this one-day event on November 24th at the Genesis Cinema in London. Other guests included Janina's old friends Caroline Munro and Norman J. Warren.

See the Darkfest website for full details of the show.

Note from Janina: “Here I am at Darkfest, which was great fun, with lots of really nice fans to talk to. Thanks to everyone who attended and stopped to chat.”

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Janina with Jon Scott

Norman Warren and Janina

Midnight Media - The Film Fair, London:
Saturday October 27th, 2017

Janina was again a guest at this one-day event at Conway Hall in London on Saturday October 27th, together with Anna Karen. See the Film Fair's website for more information.

The Monster Bash Conference, Mars, USA:
June 22-24, 2018

Janina was a featured guest at this three-day event from Friday June 22nd through Sunday June 24th 2018, and another special guest was Vincent Price's daughter Victoria Price; here is the guest list. See the Monster Bash website for daily hours and full details of upcoming shows.
The exotic location of Mars is actually about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
For Facebook members, the Monster Bash has a page there.

The Film Fair, Camden (London):
24th June 2017

Janina was a guest at this one-day event on Saturday June 24th, 10am to 4pm. together with Giovanni Lombardo Radice, AKA John Morghen. See the Film Fair's website for more information.

Chiller Theatre Expo, New Jersey, USA:
21st - 23rd April 2017

Janina was a guest at this American weekend event, together with her long-time colleagues Caroline Munroe and Martine Beswick. See the show's website for more information.

Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester:
31st October - November 2nd, 2014

Returning after an absence of many years, Janina was one of the guests of honour at the 25th Festival of Fantastic Films, Britain's longest-running genre film festival.

The full weekend event was held at the Manchester Conference Centre, and to celebrate the Festival's 25th anniversary, membership cost was rolled back to just £25, the rate charged at the first Festival in 1990.

London Film Convention:
November 8th, 2014

Janina was again a featured guest at the London Film Convention on Saturday November 8th at the Central Hall, Westminster, London, which in 2014 celebrated the 80th anniversary of Hammer Films.

The convention hoped to run some clips from Dr Jekyll and Never Take Sweets, and to feature an interview with Janina.

London Film Memorabilia Convention:
November 9th, 2013

Janina was a featured guest at the London Film Memorabilia Convention on Saturday November 9th at the Grand Central Hall, Westminster, London.

Photo of Janina at the Memorabilia Convention courtesy of and copyright © 2013 Mark Mawston.

The convention is held six times a year, and the November event was the “Hammer Horror Film Day.” Wayne Kinsey was also there, bringing his new book “The Peter Cushing Scrapbook” for which Janina wrote “a little something”!

Janina sends this message:

I'd like to thank all those lovely people who took the trouble to come and see me, some from as far away as Germany and Holland! I am very flattered .

Best Wishes,


Click here for the brochure with detailed guest list.


The Flicker Club Presents Hammer: February 2012

On Saturday February 18th at 3pm, as part of the the Vault Festival at the Old Vic Tunnels, Janina read from Bram Stoker's Dracula to introduce a screening of the Hammer Dracula (1958) in which she played Tania.

From the Vault Festival site:

the flicker club presents Hammer: classics and cutting edge.

… something wicked this way comes…

We are thrilled and slightly scared to announce that the flicker club has formed an unholy alliance with the mighty Hammer, Britain's legendary house of horror.

And where is this marvellous madness taking place?

At VAULT, in the dark dank depths of The Old Vic Tunnels … where else …

… are you sitting uncomfortably…? Then we'll begin…


Kingston Junior Drama Company: May 2011

Janina has dedicated her life to acting and the theatre, and for many years she has been teaching drama to young actors. Since 2008 Janina has also been Patron of the Kingston Junior Drama Company, a drama company for young people aged 10 - 14. Here she is pictured at a promotional event with Ed Davey, MP, and some of the children from the company.

Image courtesy of David Lawson Lean, Kingston Junior Drama Company

More information on the Kingston Junior Drama Company may be found at the company's website

Read Janina's previous messages here.

Janina at the Southend-on-Sea Film Festival: April/May 2011

Janina was a guest at the Southend-on-Sea Film Festival (28 April to 2 May 2011), where she introduced screenings of two of her films, Day of the Triffids and Never Take Sweets From a Stranger, and was also interviewed by Paul Cotgrove.

Paul Cotgrove is the Southend Festival's director, and in 1999 Janina appeared as Nurse Foley in his short horror film, Green Fingers, which also features the late Ingrid Pitt.

Photos from the Festival are courtesy of Ian Treherne and Niki Cornish.

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