Janina Faye

JSnowdon410.jpg (223316 bytes)

Portrait by Snowdon (Sunday Times, 1967)


JEC413.jpg (152093 bytes)

The Story of Esther Costello (1957)

Janina as Moira in
The Adventures of Hal 5 (1958)


Dracula (1958)


J391.jpg (233809 bytes)

Gwen Watford and Janina in
the Hammer production of
Never Take Sweets From  A Stranger (1960)

JSweets393.jpg (243799 bytes)

Never Take Sweets From A Stranger

(below) Janina with Michael Gwynn


Janina with Anthony Newley and Bernie Winters in
episode 5 of The Strange World of Gurney Slade (1960)


JMiracle398_small.jpg (7227 bytes)

The Miracle Worker - Wyndham's

JMiracle394.jpg (215684 bytes)

Janina as Helen Keller in
The Miracle Worker


JMiracle399.jpg (205255 bytes)

The Miracle Worker - Royalty


JTriffids400.jpg (274761 bytes)

Day of the Triffids (1962)
Lobby card image courtesy of Mark J. Myler


Janina as Elizabeth Lorimer in
A Child in the House (BBC 1962)

JVerity401.jpg (204817 bytes)

Janina as Verity Clarke
in ATV's The Human Jungle - "Thin Ice"


j14.jpg (52866 bytes)

The Beauty Jungle (1964)
Val Guest with Janina

Janina as Sheila in
Tomorrow Just You Wait (1965)


J408.jpg (174208 bytes)

Filming of The Dance of Death.
Sir Laurence Olivier and Janina
outside Twickenham Film Studios,
London, England.
Sir Laurence played Janina's father

J406.jpg (241106 bytes)

Janina as Judith in
The Dance of Death (1968)
Photo credit: Angus McBean

J407_small.jpg (8345 bytes)

Malcolm Reynolds and Janina (as Judith)
in the National Theatre Production of
The Dance Of Death (1968)


J402.jpg (324509 bytes)

J403.jpg (200832 bytes)
Janina as Amy in the BBC  production of Little Women (1970) 


J404.jpg (170172 bytes)

J405.jpg (271179 bytes)

BBC production of The Canterbury Tales - The Merchant's Tale (1970)


Doctor at Large (1971)
with George Layton and Barry Evans


Janina as Caroline in Napoleon and Love with Ian Holm (1974)

Abigail's Party (1983)

j22.jpg (111991 bytes)

Janina as Jo in Little Women (1976)


Janina as Sheba in
Dandy Dick (1979)
with James Hayter

Janina as Pussycat in The Owl And The Pussycat Went To See... (1973, 78, 79)

Janina as Hortense in
The Boyfriend (1982)


JSeasons.jpg (133273 bytes)

Janina played in Alan Ayckbourn's Season's Greetings with the Shangri-La - British Airways travelling dinner theatre company in 1984

JByron409.jpg (118097 bytes)

Janina as Teresa in
Life of Lord Byron, BBC TV

j21a.jpg (70031 bytes)

Janina explores another industry
(pattern available if you'd like to
knit the sweater yourself)

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